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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Senior Manager Lean Six Sigma Center of Excellence - MBB ( San Francisco Bay Area, CA )

NOTE: This is an Old 2012 Posting - The Role Has Been Filled and is No Longer Open
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Senior Manager Lean Six Sigma Center of Excellence (Master Black Belt)

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Director of Operational Excellence

Excellent Compensation

Local Candidate Preferred

Company Profile:
Our client is a multi-billion dollar global company seeking to gain a further competitive advantage by leveraging Lean Six Sigma to improve the execution of its corporate functions via its COE approach.

Position Description and Responsibilities:
This is a senior manager level Lean Sigma Master Black Belt COE (Center of Excellence) leadership position within our client’s California headquarters, reporting directly to the Director of Operational Excellence. This position will require an experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with transactional/shared services change management leadership experience, driving continuous improvement activities in a corporate setting (Human Resources, Finance, Sourcing, logistics and IT). This position requires a Lean Sigma Master Black Belt that is able to facilitate and drive results in a fast paced and “ever changing” environment leveraging his/her strong interpersonal skills. Key to success in this position is the ability to work within the organization at all levels creating value and buy-in across various corporate functions.
  • This role will lead the company’s Process COE (Center of Excellence), including priorities, methodologies, and relationships with business partners
  • This role will lead, develop, and advance the Process COE team
  • This role will track and communicate progress against objectives for the process improvement projects driven by the Process COE team and business leaders.
  • This role will facilitate meetings with functional management to review and examine project progress.
  • This role will help lead and facilitate the businesses’ strategic process design and improvement initiatives, participating through any or all stage gates: Discovery, Design, Development, and Deployment
  • This role will help instill the use of standard approaches to process design and improvement projects as well as advance and apply new tools as appropriate
  • This role will help deliver significant and quantifiable process improvement and financial benefit across assigned corporate functional areas.
  • This role will focus on business performance that constantly strives to eliminate waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase market share via the use of Lean Six Sigma tools and continuous improvement methodologies.
  • This role will manage Lean Six Sigma reporting activities for assigned corporate functional areas.
  • This role will advocate the use of standard approaches to process design and improvement projects as well as advance and apply new continuous improvement tools as appropriate.
  • This role will help educate the organization on process management best practices, trends, and resources.

Position Critical to Quality + Success (CTQ+S): Technical Behavioral Requirements:
  • BS Degree, Business Management or Technical, MBA a plus
  • 10+ years’ experience improving business process performance
  • Certified (Lean) Six Sigma Master Black Belt a plus
  • PMP certification a plus
  • Continuous improvement experience across broad business areas in such areas as Human Resources, Finance, Sourcing, Logistics and IT.
  • Formal Lean training and experience with Value Stream Management tools, kaizen methods and other key Lean tools and methodologies.
  • Experience with facilitating Lean training events of Kaizen events at all level, including influencing and engaging senior executive leadership
  • In depth knowledge of process management, process design, and change management.
  • Proven knowledge and application of change management methodologies and tools

Position Critical to Quality + Success (CTQ+S): Skill/Ability Behavioral Requirements:
  • Results based focused skill set with strong impact and influencing skills
  • Tenacity and energy in leading change towards an effective work environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively to direct and motivate team and others, maintaining a persuasive and credible presentation style at all levels of the organization.
  • Strong analytical skills and process focus
  • Progressive, flexible and team oriented person required
  • Experience driving change and change management in a highly matrixed environment requiring strong collaboration and influencing skills

Legal Notice:
The content of this posting is protected by Copyright and is intended for use by current and potential candidates of The Avery Point Group for the sole purpose of pursuing an opportunity presented by The Avery Point Group. As subject matter experts in our recruiting disciplines, our job postings are a reflection of our deep understanding of job requirements, appropriate client documents and extensive dialog with key client process stakeholders. As a result, reposting or use of this content is not authorized unless The Avery Point Group is referenced as its source.

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