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Monday, May 5, 2008

Global Lean Enterprise Master – Multi Business / Site Global Role


Global Lean Enterprise Master – Multi Business / Site Global Role

Northeast - USA

VP Lean Enterprise Transformation

Excellent Compensation and benefit package

Relocation Available

Company Profile:

Our client is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar leading global manufacturer and supplier of consumer and industrial products.

Position Description and Responsibilities:

This is a key leadership position our client’s Lean deployment organization, reporting directly VP of Lean Enterprise Transformation. This position will require an experienced Lean transformation leader that is able to facilitate and drive change in a fast paced and “ever changing” environment leveraging his/her strong interpersonal skills. Key to success in this position is the ability to work within the organization at all levels utilizing a very “hands on” approach to creating value and buy-in as one of the leading change facilitator across the entire business.

· This role will be challenged with evaluating the physical flow of the business’s key product line value streams and support the lean redesign efforts into key focused factories.

· Develop the vision/strategy for global plant layouts focused around one-piece-flow / focused factory Lean concepts

· Develop product matrix and other data collecting tools that will help define global focused factory Lean Value Streams

· Evaluate internal capabilities and resource assessment to recommend external requirements where needed.

· This position will provide leadership / mentoring / training to all levels of the organization on the use and practice of Lean methodology and tools (VSM, 5S, Kaizen, SMED, “Design for Lean” etc…)

· This position will support management in the development, planning and execution of a lean enterprise transformation strategy and metrics

· This position will have responsibility for planning and assisting in the execution of various Lean transformation events targeted towards improving the business’s overall performance.

· This position will focus on business performance that constantly strives to eliminate waste, improve customer satisfaction, and increase market share via the use of Lean tools and continuous improvement methodologies.

Position Critical to Quality + Success (CTQ+S): Technical Behavioral Requirements:

· BS Technical Engineering Degree

· 10-15 Years of professional experience

· 5+ Years experience in Lean Manufacturing implantation and facilitation

· Advanced Training in Lean Manufacturing, 5s, SMED, VSM, Kaizen and other continuous improvement methodologies

· Solid project management skills, team leadership skills, and excellent communication skills

· Process improvement experience with demonstrated successful results driven application of the concept

· Operational experience – factory management, manufacturing engineering, production experience

· Demonstrated success in leading and driving sustained change

· Experienced in training, facilitating, and coaching of Lean concepts to all level of an organization

· Ability to connect Lean process improvements with existing initiatives at the enterprise and business until level

Position Critical to Quality + Success (CTQ+S): Skill/Ability Behavioral Requirements:

· Results based Leadership style skill set with strong impact and influencing skills

· Tenacity and energy in leading change towards an effective work environment.

· Ability to communicate effectively to direct and motivate team and others, maintaining a persuasive and credible presentation style at all levels of the organization.

· Strong analytical skills and process focus

· Progressive, flexible and team oriented person required.

· Accountable, self motivated, dynamic, and passionate

· Ability to develop professional relationships to identify problems and deliver

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Global Lean Enterprise Master - Multi Business / Site Global Role (36-7-MH701)

The Avery Point Group, Inc.

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The Avery Point Group provides functional expertise and executive search focus in the areas of Six Sigma, Lean, operational excellence, plant management, operations management, supply chain management, and finance. As executive recruiters our practice services a wide spectrum of industries, spanning manufacturing, distribution and service-based companies.

With our Lean Six Sigma approach, experience and global perspective, we stand out from other executive search firms and add significant value for our clients in their search for leadership talent. Unlike other recruiting firms, we truly speak the language of our clients and candidates.

Our Lean Sigma Approach: Search excellence starts with the sound foundation of a well defined and consistent search methodology. Our Lean Sigma Search™ process incorporates a unique Lean Six Sigma approach to filling our clients’ staffing needs. Each phase of our executive search value stream process is designed to eliminate waste in order to move the search and recruiting process along efficiently and effectively, thus enabling us to exceed our clients’ expectations and requirements.

Our Experience: With our team’s decades of operations experience, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients find, assess and recruit leadership talent. Our key principals have held senior-level director, VP and Lean Six Sigma positions in manufacturing, distribution and service-based Fortune 500 companies. Our principals are Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean trained by globally recognized industry leading companies and have real-world, practical experience in their application. As subject matter experts in the recruiting of Lean, Six Sigma and operations talent, our firm has been featured in leading industry trade magazines such as: Quality Progress, Quality Digest and IndustryWeek.

Our Global Perspective: Our key principals have managed global operations and led key initiatives in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America and throughout Asia. Our principals, with their global perspective, understand what it takes to find, assess and recruit talent for companies to succeed in today’s global economy.

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